Husband and Wife: Steve, Firefighter and Jody, Teacher

I like crossfit because of the high intensity work outs.  It doesn't matter if it's a 5 min WOD or a 50 min WOD, I always feel like I got a great workout.  The family atmosphere at BBCF is amazing!  I have built great friendships with the BBCF members over the past couple of years.  I also love the friendly competition during WODs.  It gives me the extra push I need to get a great work out in, and be better prepared for the physical demands of firefighting. 

I have tried every type of exercise and workout possible from working out in the gym, bootcamps, personal trainers, running marathons, spinning, pilates, you name it, I have tried it, and nothing has challenged me like crossift, and I have never seen results like I have seen since joining BBCF.  The workouts are different everyday, so I am never bored, and I always want to come back!  The coaches help me to be faster and stronger, and the encouragement keeps me motivated.  I love this place!!!

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