Jordan, Graduate Student

I have been working out at BBCF for about 7 months and love it. Before coming to BBCF I spent many days and nights working out at “Globo Gym” sculpting my guns. I thought of myself as pretty tough because I could spend 2 hours in the gym looking at myself in the mirror and flexing, so I confidently strolled into BBCF knowing I could handle anything the instructors told me to do. Boy was I delusional! Quickly it became apparent that I had a lot of room for improvement in my fitness, and within a couple of months I was becoming a much more complete and well rounded strength and endurance athlete. My strength, quickness, and endurance have all improved since starting at BBCF. The workouts at the gym are programmed to eliminate weakness in all areas of fitness, which includes building a strength base so that I can still get my bench press and squat fix. What I like the most is that the workouts are constantly evolving and focus on functional fitness. The people there are great; they push you because they know it will pay off for you in the end. I really look forward to going to work out at BBCF because I know that it generates results!

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